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Our Founding Story

Established in January 2015

Anchor Disposal LLC is a family-owned and operated waste removal company that offers residential trash and recycling services to the residents of North Carolina. The company is headquartered in Clayton, North Carolina. The location of Anchor Disposal was determined after careful consideration and strategic planning. Clayton is in Johnston County, one of the fastest-growing counties in North Carolina. It is also in close proximity to Wake County, the largest county in the state, and many other growing counties surrounding Raleigh, the Capital City.

Anchor Disposal Who We Are Clayton

Our location is key to us being able to retain and grow our customer base. Over the last 9 years in this location, Anchor Disposal has proven it is a well-managed solid waste company with limitless potential.  Likewise, Anchor Disposal is consistently expanding its exposure through effective marketing tactics.

This in turn results in our ability to broaden our footprint and gives us the opportunity to service more and more communities in North Carolina. Anchor has worked diligently to market, budget, and reinvest in our business, allowing us to be as successful as we are today.

Our family business started in the 1970s, and we are still in business today as the second generation, carrying on the family legacy.  We take pride in being Anchored in the Johnston and Wake County area.  Our number one goal is to provide our customers with outstanding service. We work hard each day to make a difference in our little corner of this great state.

Our management team has collectively over 100 years of hands-on experience in the solid waste and recycling industry.  Prior to arriving in North Carolina, our family owned and operated a $35 million dollar waste company in Virginia.

Anchor Disposal Who We Are

Similarly, we operated a transfer station, and multiple office locations, and serviced over 150,000 residential and commercial customers weekly. We have years of experience working with communities, municipalities, and large government contracts. The Anchor core team has done nothing but trash their entire professional careers.

We are excited to keep expanding Anchor Disposal in the beautiful state of North Carolina. This generation is proud to say that we are 100% Women Owned!  We currently service over 25,000 residential trash customers every week. We take pride in providing our customers with the finest quality service that the waste industry can offer.

While servicing our customers we collect, transport, and dispose of our non-hazardous waste in a safe and environmentally sound manner at local transfer stations and landfills.  All recycling materials are taken to Sonoco where they are sorted and diverted from the landfill.  Anchor Disposal prides itself on eco-friendly initiatives.  We consistently participate in local community programs that focus on diverting trash from landfills.

We also take pride in our equipment. Our fleet of trucks is one of the most advanced and modern in the industry.

It is maintained by our certified technicians.  Our priority is to keep our equipment safe, clean, and professional. Our drivers are proficiently trained and committed to providing exemplary waste service.

We are an active member of the National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA), Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, North Carolina Independent Waste Haulers Association (NCIWHA), and many local Chambers of Commerce and business organizations.

We are proud to be family-owned and operated and hope to keep the familial aspect of our business for many generations to come.  Our family is blessed that our children are growing up in the same communities that we service daily.  Our tax dollars stay in these communities as well. Our hope is to one day pass on the “LOVE for TRASH” to the third generation.  We hope to always make a positive impact in our community.  This is our family legacy.


Our Management Team

Kerri Port. Pic e1708354059609

Kerri Mead-Bell

President & Owner

Kerri grew up working in the waste industry as a very young girl and as a result, the trash industry has always been a huge part of her life. She brings over 25 years of experience to the management team. She has had the honor of working side by side with her father observing his successes as a businessman in the waste world. Kerri has witnessed and aided in the start-up of many of the family’s trash company acquisitions. Similarly, she has aided in the growth and expansion of such companies catapulting them into multi-million-dollar successes.

Kerri is on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Independent Waste Haulers Association (NCIWHA) and has served as their Vice President for six years. She is also on the Board of Directors for the National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA) Women’s Council and has served as their secretary for five years.

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Susan Postle

Office Manager & Owner

Susan has been in the waste business since 1981. In her nearly 45 years of working within the industry, she has heard and seen it all. She knows pretty much everything one needs to know about the waste world. Susan has supervised and trained countless office staff. Her attention to detail and level of emotional intelligence makes her an invaluable asset. Susan leads our office team with these same standards and expectations, ensuring that each staff member embraces and adopts Anchor Disposal’s measure of customer service excellence. 


Justin Brion

Operations Manager & Treasurer

Justin brings nearly 30 years of waste experience and irreplaceable knowledge to the management team. He has worked in every position the trash industry has to offer and has successfully overseen a fleet of 55 trucks and nearly 150 employees. This enables him to effectively recruit remarkable talent as he knows firsthand the demands of each position and the skill set needed to successfully fulfill each position. Additionally, Justin creates reasonable expectations and attainable goals for each employee or new hire candidate. This lessens employee turnover and increases employee buy-in, which, in turn, fosters a content workforce and workplace environment.

Neely Hukill

Neely Hukill

Director of Accounting

Neely is new to the waste business and our Anchor family, joining the company in February of 2023. What she may lack in trash industry years, she makes up for with her strong business experience and education. She brings a decade of experience in Accounting and Banking and an MBA from East Carolina University to the management team. Neely also has over 10 years of Board of Directors' experience and looks forward to extending her community involvement to include Waste Associations as well soon.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

To provide our community with responsive, cost-effective, and environmentally safe solutions to their solid waste disposal needs that exceed their expectations while growing and prospering through the most efficient and responsible utilization of our resources.

Our Vision

To be the premier waste company of choice today and tomorrow for our customers.

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