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Why Choose Anchor Disposal for Your Recycling Service?

Our bi-weekly recycling service provides customers with the necessary resources to divert recyclable materials from landfills, fostering sustainable living practices. Recycling is vital for our planet's future, and we at Anchor Disposal are dedicated to contributing positively to environmental preservation. Upon subscribing to our recycling service, we ensure swift delivery of your bins to your residence or business for holding recyclables until collection. Following our guidelines for bin placement at the curbside ensures that pickup is conducted efficiently and safely.

Affordable Prices

Our competitive pricing for residential recycling services sets us apart from our rivals.

Reliable Service

Our service operates on a set schedule to ensure reliability. This ensures that you are always aware of the specific day we will arrive to collect your recyclables.

Safe Drivers

Our emphasis on driver training and safety ensures your security, providing you with peace of mind whenever we are in your vicinity.

AD Sonoco Accepted Recycling Items

When preparing for recycling services, understanding which items are permissible in your recycling bin is essential. Reviewing the guidelines for Sonoco Recycling outlined on this page will help distinguish between items that are permitted and prohibited for pickup. For additional information, please contact your local facilities directly for more assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer assistance in disposing of leaves and small branches from your yard. Please ensure all items are bagged or bundled for removal, with branches not exceeding 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter. Note that an additional fee applies for those utilizing this service.

Placement guidelines for trash pickup services

Understanding trash and recycling pick-up schedules can be surprisingly intricate. Missed collections are aggravating, yet they are frequently avoidable. This guide simplifies the critical steps of correct container placement to guarantee that your collection is never overlooked.

Position Matters: Align Your Containers Correctly

The initial step is straightforward yet vital. Place your trash and recycling bins at the curb with the lid opening facing the street. This facilitates the work of collection crews and guarantees efficient pick-up service.

Spacing: The 4-Foot Rule Right

Ensuring proper spacing is crucial to prevent missed collections. Place your bins a minimum of four feet from each other and maintain the same distance from any obstructions such as mailboxes, parked vehicles, or lamp posts. This spacing provides sufficient room for the collection truck’s mechanical arm to function effectively.

Anchor Disposal issues invoices on a quarterly basis. Invoices are sent out 30 days prior to the due date, either by mail or email, according to your chosen method. The billing cycle due dates are the 1st of January, April, July, and October.

Please leave your containers at the curb. Service will resume once road conditions improve. For the latest updates, follow us on social media or contact our office.

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