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At Anchor Disposal, our team boasts decades of expertise in the waste management industry. We are committed to delivering dependable weekly trash services to our customers, contributing to the cleanliness and safety of our neighborhoods. Upon registering for our trash services, we ensure swift delivery of your bins to your residence or business, where they will store your waste until collection. Adhering to our can placement instructions for curbside pickup will ensure that your service is conducted efficiently and securely.

Affordable Prices

Our competitive pricing for residential trash services sets us apart from our competitors.

Reliable Service

Our dependable service is just one of the many reasons why customers across North Carolina entrust us with their garbage collection needs.

Safe Drivers

Our emphasis on driver training and safety ensures your security, providing you with peace of mind whenever we are present in your neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

We advise our customers to place their cans outside the evening prior to their scheduled collection day. Trash cans should be out no later than 4 a.m. on the day of pickup. We also recommend bagging all trash to avoid litter from being scattered by the wind.

Placement guidelines for trash pickup services

Understanding trash and recycling pick-up schedules can be surprisingly intricate. Missed collections are aggravating, yet they are frequently avoidable. This guide simplifies the critical aspects of correct container positioning to guarantee that your collection is always successful.

Position Matters: Align Your Containers Correctly

The initial step is straightforward yet vital. Place your garbage and recycling containers at the curb with the lids facing the street. This facilitates the work of collection crews and guarantees efficient pick-up service.

Spacing: The 4-Foot Rule Right

Ensuring proper spacing is crucial to prevent missed collections. Place your bins a minimum of four feet from each other and maintain the same distance from obstacles such as mailboxes, parked vehicles, or lamp posts. This spacing provides sufficient room for the mechanical arm of the collection truck to function effectively.

Service delays occur on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. These are the only holidays with a delayed schedule, and only if the holiday coincides with your regular service day. Should your pickup day land on a holiday, collection will occur the following day, resulting in a one-day delay for the remainder of that week. Normal service resumes on all other holidays.

Example: On Thanksgiving, if your usual collection day is Thursday, your pickup will be rescheduled to Friday, and those regularly scheduled for Friday will have their pickup on Saturday. Whenever a holiday occurs on a weekday, collection will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the week.


Certainly! Additional cans are priced at $10 apiece.

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For reliable and affordable residential trash pickup services in North Carolina, consider signing up with Anchor Disposal. Homeowners trust us for our dependable service.

Choosing our services means you'll never be left wondering about your garbage collection. We adhere to a strict schedule, ensuring you always know the exact times for setting out and collecting your trash.

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