Frequently Asked Questions

What time does my can(s) have to be at the curb?  

While times can always vary, we always encourage customers to place their can out the night before the service day. 4 am day of pickup is the latest you should place your can out to guarantee service. *** Please bag ALL GARBAGE to prevent wind-blown litter!

How and Where do I place my can(s)?

Please set out your can(s) on the street at the end of your driveway with the handle facing your house. Make sure your cart is at least 3 to 5 feet from any obstructions such as mail boxes, basketball hoops, cars, etc If you have 2 cans, please make sure they are 3 feet apart from each other as well.   ***Please bag ALL GARBAGE to prevent wind-blown litter!

How do I setup online access to make a payment?

Access to pay online is setup when your account is opened. To login the user id is your account number and the password is the last four digits of the phone number we have on file. **** THIS IS ONLY FOR A ONE TIME DRAFT.  If you would like auto draft for the quarterly payment that can be done online.

What if I need an extra pick-up or have bulk items that I need to get rid of?

Call the office to discuss and make arrangements. Additional fees may apply.

What Holidays do you DELAY Service?

The holidays that services would be delayed are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are the ONLY holidays that we are on a delayed schedule if the holiday falls on your service day during the week.  ALL OTHER HOLIDAYS WE RUN AS NORMAL!

What happens if my collections day falls on a Holiday?

If your pickup day falls on a Holiday, you will be picked up the next day. Example: For Thanksgiving if your collection day is on a Thursday, you will be picked up on Friday and the regular Friday collection customers will be picked up on Saturday. When a Holiday falls on a weekday we will be a day behind the rest of that week.  REMEMBER TO FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA, Check the WEBSITE or VOICE MAIL for updates.

What should I do if my pick-up is missed due to weather or poor road conditions?

Please KEEP YOUR CAN(S) CURBSIDE and we will resume service as soon as road conditions allow us to.  ***Please ”Like” and follow us on Facebook or call the office for up to date information.

It's 5 pm and my trash/recycling has not been picked up yet, what do I do?

Please leave your can curbside until the morning, our trucks do run into the evening at times and do not have a cut off time. If it still has not been emptied the next day please call the office.

When is my payment due?

Anchor Disposal bills Quarterly.  The due dates for our billing cycles are January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and September 1st.  All invoices are sent 30 days prior to the due date via mail or e-bill depending on what you signed up for.

Can I pay Monthly?

While Anchor Disposal bills you quarterly to keep our cost low you CAN pay monthly through your bank, or however you choose. It’s just up to you to make sure the payments are in by the 1st of each month to avoid a late fee.

Do you take yard waste?

We can assist with the removal of leaves and small branches for an additional charge. All items need to be bagged or bundled for removal with branches not being no longer than 4 ft and no more than 4 inches in diameter. We ask that you call the office to arrange the removal of these items.

How do I know if you are closed due to weather conditions.

We will always update our office phone and social media as soon as we have any updates.  If we can get access we will update our Website as well. If there are no updated posted then the service is on a normal schedule.  Be sure to like us on social media and please keep your cans curbside, and we will resume service as soon as road conditions allow us to.  

Do you take Christmas Trees?

We can assist you with the removal of your christmas tree.  Please call the office to to make these arrangements and there will be a small fee added to your next bill.

What items are NOT PERMITTED in our trash!

  • Large appliances, water heaters

  • Asbestos shingles or similar materials

  • Concrete, rocks, stone, brick or dirt (construction debris)

  • Large Stumps or cut wood, creosote wood

  • Tires, auto rims, batteries

  • Dead animals

  • Bulk iron, machinery or metal

  • Motor oils or Bulk chemicals( 55 gallon paint, cleaning fluids)

      ******PLEASE DO NOT burn any materials in your can!