Frequently Asked Questions

When should I set my cart out for pick-up?

To ensure pick-up please set out your cart on the street (handle facing your house) no later than 5 am on your collection day. Please make sure your cart is at least 3 to 5 feet from any obstructions such as mail boxes, basketball hoops, cars, etc.

Please bag ALL GARBAGE to prevent wind-blown litter!


What if I need an extra pick-up or have bulk items that I need to get rid of?

Please call the office to make arrangements.


What Holidays do you DELAY Service?

Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years are the ONLY Holidays that we will run a day behind on if it falls on a weekday.  ALL OTHER HOLIDAYS WE RUN AS NORMAL!


What happens if my collections day falls on a Holiday?

You will be picked up the next day. Example: For Thanksgiving if your collection day is on a Thursday, you will be picked up on Friday and the regular Friday collection customers will be picked up on Saturday. When a Holiday falls on a weekday we will be a day behind the rest of that week.  REMEMBER we only run a day behind for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.


What should I do if my pick-up is missed due to weather or poor road conditions?

Please KEEP YOUR CANS CURBSIDE and we will resume service as soon as road conditions allow us to.  Please”Like” us on Facebook or call the office for up to date information.